Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A New Wheelchair Accessible Car

The Chairiot solo is an accessible car that came on the market last spring to give people who use wheelchairs more independence when it comes to transportation.  This small, electric car travels up to 50 miles when fully charged, with speeds up to 25 miles an hour.  It's designed more for local use such as going to the grocery store, going to work or seeing a movie.  The Chairiot solo opens up from the back and provides roomf or only one person, the driver.  The starting price of the Chairiot solo is less than $20,000.  Check out their website for a video on how the car works!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reading with Snap&Read Universal

Do you, your child, or your student understand text content when it is read aloud or modified into simpler language, but have difficulty reading independently?  Snap&Read Universal is one of the many options available that can read aloud, or in other words provide text-to-speech for, digital reading content.  In addition, Snap&Read Universal provides the ability to adjust the complexity of the digital reading content.  Sometimes what appears as digital text is instead an image of text that is not readable by a text-to-speech program; Snap&Read Universal has the ability to capture a screenshot of that text image and convert it to readable text.  Snap&Read Universal is available for windows, Mac and Google Chrome.